To Mayor Bill Mutz and the Lakeland City Commission

Whereas We, the Undersigned, wish to honor and respect every fallen soldier who died in honorable service to our country;

Whereas We believe Munn Park is no longer an appropriate location for a military memorial, lacking the solemn atmosphere for genuine reverence, respect, or reflection;

Whereas no specific battle or military incidents occurred in Munn Park or downtown Lakeland;

Furthermore, We the Undersigned wish to promote downtown Lakeland as a vibrant community center;

Whereas We believe a re-envisioning of the monument area in Munn Park will elevate and aid the promotion of downtown Lakeland as a commercial, retail, and recreational destination;

Furthermore, We the Undersigned wish to protect all citizens and visitors to downtown Lakeland;

Whereas Confederate monuments across the United States have become public safety liabilities, putting families, residents, and visitors in the path of conflict;

Therefore We, the Undersigned, propose that the Confederate monument in Munn Park be relocated to an appropriate location to be determined;

Where it will not be inappropriately used as a jungle gym or picnic table;

Where there is appropriate space and atmosphere for quiet reflection;

Where it will provide the greatest opportunity for downtown Lakeland to thrive.

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